Roberto De La Selva
Roberto De La Selva was born in Leon, Nicaragua, some thirty years ago, of Spanish, English and Indian ancestry, and is a younger brother of Salomon De La Selva, the poet. As a very young man, in protest against the foreign military occupation of his country, Roberto De La Selva left Nicaragua and has lived in Mexico ever since. It is in Mexico where Roberto De La Selva first studied art, where he discovered and embraced his final vocation, where he has developed to a degree of achievement that has already established for him an enviable international reputation. It is as a Mexican artist that he is to be regarded.

Interest in De La Selva’s work has been growing steadily during the past three years both in Mexico and abroad. His 1934 exhibition in Mexico City, the first affair of its kind to be held in the sumptuous Palace of Fine Arts, was a revelation for the visiting throngs. This led to an invitation from the Roerich Museum for an exposition that captivated New York in December 1934 and January 1935. In this latter year he exhibited in various other American cities and in Panama. This year he has been invited to offer his work to the publics of Paris, London and Barcelona. Giving the world a refreshingly true vision of Mexico, this artist is rendering the land that sheltered him a fine gift of gratitude.

New York, 1936

Source: The Art Philosophy of Roberto De La Selva by Rebecca Kaye.